Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweetest Day

I love the way my hand fits in his and the way our fingers intertwine.The way we can talk about anything and not have a care in the world.Looking up into his eyes when he talks.Making sure that he has everything before he leaves.Keys,phone and wallet.I love that one spot on his chest where I lay my head after a long day.Or the fact that he can make me laugh when no one else can.Most days I would say that I don't miss those things.But I do miss them and I miss him.It is the little things that I miss everyday.So now we are trying the friend thing one more time.Now we don't those things.We talk on the phone and go on dates with other people.He doesn't come upstairs.He walks me to the door downstairs.We don't text or email as much.I know that being his friend is harder than I expected.Maybe it is hard for him to.I don't really know.But everything is different now.I can't read him and I hate that.Is that apart of us being just friends? Today I wanted him here with me.I wanted that safe feeling that I feel when he is with me.Even if was just for a few minutes..I wanted to intertwine our fingers and lay my head on his chest.I needed to feel connected to him again.So no I am not over us.I am not over the fact that I loved him.It's not about sweetest day.It is about us trying to figure this out.Trying to be just friends and not cross the lines with feelings.I guess I have a lot to figure out.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11,1995

14 years ago today the world lost two great people.Millie and Georgia Price.It is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you.I love and miss you more than ever.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Positive Story!

So I am still thinking about the violence with the young people in this city.But this is not a problem in just Chicago.Yesterday I was reading a really inspirational story online.A young man named Derrion Quarles is a senior a Kenwood Academy High School(I am a 2002 graduate of KA).He is a honor roll student who grew up in the foster system.This young man raised over $1million in scholarship money for himself.Not many students do this in a year.This fall he will be attending Morehouse College to study medicine.These are the kind of stories that we need to see on the news.Stories like this one should be the ones that we celebrate.While I was reading the article I looked at some of the comments being made.If you don't have anything nice to say then you shouldn't say anything at all.Some of those people should have been ashamed for saying the things that they said.One person commented that Kenwood and Morehouse are both headquarters for ebonics.Now has a graduate of Kenwood Academy I have to defend the place that helped shaped me into the person I am today.Like any other school it has it's problem.But the teachers give you everything you need and more before going out into the real world.This is the school that helped this young man receive these scholarships.I wanted to ask this person how many scholarships did you receive when you graduated?We as black people beat each other down more then any other race I know of.That is why we have the problems that we have.Say congratulations young man or good luck.Maybe I am the one looking at this the wrong way.But Congratulations Derrion!May you have all the luck in the world.Anything is possible!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The last couple of days I have been doing alot of thinking about what is going on with the young people in this city.This is not a new problem the city of Chicago has been plagued with.But the last couple of years things have seemed to have gotton worse.It is almost everyday that we turn on the news and hear about another young person being hurt.Some of these kids make it and others don't.Last week a young man by the name of Derrion Albert was killed.A group of young men beat him to death in the street of this city.An honor roll student who was looking forward to going to college and making something of himself.His dream was cut short because someone made the decision to start a fight.He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.But when did walking home become the wrong place?If you were to ask those four young men why they were fighting could they even tell you why?Most likely not.Being caught up in the moment has cost five young men their life.One may have died on that day but four others lost their life as well.My question is what needs to be done to help our children?What happened to make us lose our children in such high numbers?I say our children because most of these kids look like me.Most of them come from single parent homes just like I did.Some even watch by older siblings because mom has to work just like I was.No I have not been part of the solution.Yes I look at them and shake my head.That is our problem.We see that we are losing them and we still walk away.Friday this event was over shadowed because Chicago didn't get the 2016 Olympics.People upset and crying in the street.Do you really want to bring the Olympics to city where children are getting beat to death in the street?No I wouldn't.Let's fix this problem before we take on that responsibility.Start by offering after school programs for children.Counseling sessions for those that need it.Let's start with making sure that our children go to school everyday and not hang out on the corner.We should not have any more Derrion Albert's in the world.This is not just a problem that Chicago has but this is a problem that other states face as well.So yes I am going to find a way to help a young person so they won't end up at the wrong place at the wrong time.I have no idea what I am going to do but I am going to do something.One day I plan to have a child of my own and I don't want them coming into a world like this.A world where they are afraid to go school.Afraid to be who they are.You should not have to hide who you really are because you will be picked on.Those bullies are kids that want attention and love.They pick on others to make themselves feel better.They act out in the streets for attention.Yes they get attention but it is not good attention.So let's start today working on our children.Save them before it is to late.I don't want to turn on the news and see another Derrion Albert.A young life lost because of nonsense.You are fighting the wrong fight.
Peace and Love.