Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Positive Story!

So I am still thinking about the violence with the young people in this city.But this is not a problem in just Chicago.Yesterday I was reading a really inspirational story online.A young man named Derrion Quarles is a senior a Kenwood Academy High School(I am a 2002 graduate of KA).He is a honor roll student who grew up in the foster system.This young man raised over $1million in scholarship money for himself.Not many students do this in a year.This fall he will be attending Morehouse College to study medicine.These are the kind of stories that we need to see on the news.Stories like this one should be the ones that we celebrate.While I was reading the article I looked at some of the comments being made.If you don't have anything nice to say then you shouldn't say anything at all.Some of those people should have been ashamed for saying the things that they said.One person commented that Kenwood and Morehouse are both headquarters for ebonics.Now has a graduate of Kenwood Academy I have to defend the place that helped shaped me into the person I am today.Like any other school it has it's problem.But the teachers give you everything you need and more before going out into the real world.This is the school that helped this young man receive these scholarships.I wanted to ask this person how many scholarships did you receive when you graduated?We as black people beat each other down more then any other race I know of.That is why we have the problems that we have.Say congratulations young man or good luck.Maybe I am the one looking at this the wrong way.But Congratulations Derrion!May you have all the luck in the world.Anything is possible!

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