Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweetest Day

I love the way my hand fits in his and the way our fingers intertwine.The way we can talk about anything and not have a care in the world.Looking up into his eyes when he talks.Making sure that he has everything before he leaves.Keys,phone and wallet.I love that one spot on his chest where I lay my head after a long day.Or the fact that he can make me laugh when no one else can.Most days I would say that I don't miss those things.But I do miss them and I miss him.It is the little things that I miss everyday.So now we are trying the friend thing one more time.Now we don't those things.We talk on the phone and go on dates with other people.He doesn't come upstairs.He walks me to the door downstairs.We don't text or email as much.I know that being his friend is harder than I expected.Maybe it is hard for him to.I don't really know.But everything is different now.I can't read him and I hate that.Is that apart of us being just friends? Today I wanted him here with me.I wanted that safe feeling that I feel when he is with me.Even if was just for a few minutes..I wanted to intertwine our fingers and lay my head on his chest.I needed to feel connected to him again.So no I am not over us.I am not over the fact that I loved him.It's not about sweetest day.It is about us trying to figure this out.Trying to be just friends and not cross the lines with feelings.I guess I have a lot to figure out.

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