Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I wish I knew the exact date that I fell in love with music because I would celebrate our anniversary every year.Since I don't know I celebrate it everyday.It is not a day that I don't listen to music.When I hear one of my favorite songs come on I feel something go all over my body.I don't just love one type but I love them all.Most people that know me will tell you that I never all the words to songs.But I know the parts that means something to me.The first cd I ever bought with my own money was Bone Thugs N Harmony Crossroads.I was so excited.That started my collection that has now grown to over 200 cds.But I played that cd everyday.I think Big Jima (Mom) was happy when I lost it.But I could rap along with the whole song.Of course my music taste has changed from all rap.Now I am a Neosoul girl for the most part.But my favorite music has to come from the Temptations.They put so much feeling into their music.Papa Was A Rolling Stone.Just My Imagination.Ain't Too Proud To Beg.My Girl.My all time favorite would have to be I'm Losing You.But music is my first real love.If I don't have anything else I have music.When I am having a bad day I can put on that one song that will make it all go away.When you break up with someone you put that song on and it takes the pain away.I can name a song for every occasion in my life.So today I thank music for always being there when I needed it the most.Thanks for getting me through those really hard days.So I am going to end with a quote from James Baldwin.Music is our witness, and our ally.The beat is the confession ,which recognizes,changes and conquers time.Then, history becomes a garment we can wear and share, and not a cloak in which to hide; and time becomes our friend.
Peace and Love!

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