Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silly B**ch In Love

Today has been one of those days where everything seems to be happening.The title says it all.Silly b**ch in love.I hadn't heard this song until recently when I heard a friend talk about it.Then I heard it mentioned on twitter.But that is not my reason for writing.At one point in time we have been in love.Some of us are falling in love or it hasn't hit you yet.We do things that we wouldn't normally do even when we know they aren't doing right.But we still do them because we are in love.I got a text message today telling me all about what she has done and how he keeps doing the same stupid stuff.All I could say was what are you going to do?I could have wasted my breathe and said you need to leave him alone.But I didn't have the heart to do so.I knew that if I said leave him she would have got upset.I kept my thoughts to myself this time around.It was hard to do but I knew how she felt.You love that person and they just can't get it together.So I was a listening ear.Who are we to judge a silly b**ch in love anyway?Like I said we have all been in this boat at some point.I heard friends say I would never be like that.I even said it and then I met him.Yes I was a silly b**ch in love.I made sure he had everything that he wanted when he wanted it.I went to the bank for him, pick his clothes up from the cleaners and cooked when I didn't feel like it.It wasn't much that he asked for that I didn't make happen. The whole time I knew that he was doing something shady on the side.So today I didn't go into my normal rant of you need to leave him alone because he ain't no good speech.Now I look back and say I was so damn silly.But it is a lesson learned.One day she will wake up and make the decision to stay or go.He might make that decision for her.But today I simply listened to what she was going through.Knowing the feeling all too well.So the next time you get a call or talk to a friend going through this just listen to what they have say.It could easily be you telling the story of what happened.We have all been a silly b**ch in love!
Peace and Love

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