Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Totally Random Wednesday

*The other day most of the world watch has police in North Carolina looked for the body of a five year girl.Shaniya Davis.Her mother sold her to someone for prostitution.A five year old girl was sold for prostitution.What has this world come to?No we don't know what this women was going through in her life.Maybe she was addicted to drugs or alcohol.But whatever her problem was it doesn't give her the right to take the life of her child.To treat her that way.To take her life and then throw her away.She let someone throw her child away.No I don't have children of my own.But I have nieces,a nephew,cousins and friends with children.I would hate to think that they would treat their children like that.I think that the mother and the person that did this should be treated the way they treated her.But I would make them look at her picture everyday so that they could see what they took away from the family that really loved her.Took away from people that would have never treated her that way.So my prayers and heart goes out to her father and family.
*I have been a little confused by a friend lately.We were talking and she says to me that she cuddled with a friend of hers.Now I have plenty of female friends that I have known for years but I have never cuddled with them.We have spent the night and taken trips together but never once have we cuddled.We have never made that move with each other and I don't think we will.She mentioned her a couple more times and all the things they have done together so I decided to ask the question.So are ya'll a couple?????I wanted to know so I just asked.She was offended that I asked her that question.Was I wrong for asking that question?I don't think I was wrong for asking a question.My mother always said that if you want to know the answer to something ask.So I asked.She stopped speaking to me for a few days but I didn't care cause I wanted to know.
*How far out of your comfort zone would go for someone you loved?Apparently I am not that person that will go that far lol.I know that this persons feelings were hurt but I just couldn't do it.Maybe the next time I am asked something I will say yes.Maybe!
Peace and Love!

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