Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last night I had a very interesting conversation with a close friend of mine.He went into his girlfriends email account and read her messages.After reading the messages he told her and so she read his.Now I am sitting there with my mouth open.Crazy.Me being the person I am I had to ask why he did it.He calmly said I don't trust her.You know the reasons why.Yes he does have reasons for not trusting her but she has them as well.But she did go into his email account.Why stay with a person you don't trust?If you haven't got over the past issues maybe you need to walk away from this person and move on.Every time they get into a good place in their relationship he brings up something from the past.My thoughts.Those are private messages not meant for you unless she gives them to you.I have never had a boyfriend go through my email or instant messages so I can not say how she feels.Well I don't think they have gone through my personal things.I would feel violated and betrayed.I have never gone through any of their messages,instant messages or phones.I am not going to lie I did want to go through Matt's(name change) but I didn't.While you are going through this persons things you may find something out that could really hurt you in the long run.You never know what you will come across.Bottom line is they didn't want you to know so it is not your business.Now she has to live with the fact that he knows something she never wanted him to know.I had to tell him he was wrong for that.Now she could get really upset with him as well but she didn't.It would take me a long time to get over that.He would have a lot of making up to do.To my answer my own question no I would not stay with someone that I do not trust.It is not worth the extra stress.
Peace and Love

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