Sunday, November 8, 2009

Was I Wrong?

A friend told me that I will be over the hill after my 26th birthday next month.My eggs are going to be old and no man will want to marry me.Now if this was coming from someone else I would have been offended.But once I looked at the person I was talking to I decided it wasn't the worth the energy of arguing with him.I could have come back and said that your girlfriend is older than I am and you two haven't had any children together.But I just let it go and said whatever.But it got me to thinking.Yes I will be 26 years old this year.No I don't have any children of my own and I am not married.I do wish to have these things one day but I am not going to rush it.I look at marriage as something serious.Why should I rush into a marriage with someone that I have not known that long?I want to get to know this person before I decide to take that step with someone.I want to fall in love with this person.I know this friend would not agree with me on that.He would say you know if you love a person when you meet them.You have to just step out there sometimes and take a stand.Yes sometimes we have to step out there and take that chance.But to take a chance with marriage is a little to far for me.You are taking a chance when you marry someone but you go in thinking that this is it.I am in love with this person.Not because you like what this person does for you.Not because you think you are going to have beautiful babies with this person.Or because this person is your sexual match.Sure you want to have those things but those are not reasons to marry a person.I don't know maybe that will work for you.But I would want to marry someone because I love them.We have a spiritual connection.We are growing together towards a great marriage.But my reasons made no sense to him.I thought the call dropped because it got so quiet.He said that I made no sense.I was tired of trying to get my point across.So I left it alone.But on December 15 I will be 26 years old.Single and happy that I made it to another birthday.Not worried about having babies or getting married.Yes I would love to get married and have baby of my own one day.But I am not going to rush into something and regret it later.So whoever I marry will have to understand that I am over the hill at 26 and my eggs are old lol.But really was I wrong?
Peace and Love!

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