Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I Want

Every night after I say my prayers I think of all the things that I want.Last night I couldn't fall asleep so I had a lot of time to really think.I want to wake up every morning to smell of fresh bread and the person that I love.At night I want to fall asleep to smell of lavender through out the house.Instead of working a job I want to volunteer all my time.Hold babies that have no one to love them and knit them blankets.Help kids that have no parents to guide them through out life.I want to take the perfect picture.Paint the perfect painting.I want to draw a picture and be the only person that understands it.Ride a bike in the rain.Drive cross country with my friends and not have one disagreement.I want all my family in one place for the holidays.Live my life like I am the only person in it.Cut off all my hair so I can feel the wind on my scalp.Swim in the ocean.Write a book.I want to fall in love at midnight so I can say that I fell in love under the stars.Ride on the back of a motorcycle.Get a sleeve tattoo.Write a book about my life.I want to love him so good that he calls out my name.Experience pregnancy and motherhood.Learn to speak French and Italian because it sounds so sexy.I want world peace.A cure for cancer and aids.I want to build a house big enough for all the homeless people in the world.The last thing that I thought about was going to sleep the next night so I could start my list all over again.It is not about doing or getting all of these things.It is about taking the time to dream.Some people lost that feeling along time ago.I end my days dreaming of all the things I want to do because that gives me hope for tomorrow.I know that anything is possible with all of the things that I want and dream of.It takes your mind away from all the other things going on.So tonight after you say your prayers take a minute a to dream.
Peace and Love!


  1. now i want to go to sleep so i can make my list...thank you for sharing this.. you just gave me hope to keep on dreamin...thanks cousin :-)