Monday, December 21, 2009

Over the weekend I thought I would take some much needed time to myself and relax all weekend.So I got through Saturday without any problems.No one called talking about their problems or someone.But my peace ended on Sunday afternoon.The first thing I heard when I answered the phone was he left and I don't think he is coming back.Now I could have said I have someone on the other line and let me call you back but that would have been wrong.So I put my ice cream back in the freezer and asked what happened.This person goes on with this long story and I kinda started thinking about something else.Once she were finish I only had one question to ask.Why would you want him to stay if he doesn't want to be there? But if he doesn't want to be there then why make the both of you miserable?I understand that yes she is in love but is it really worth it if his mind is somewhere else.I once heard a guy say he's going to be where he wants to be.The far away look in his eyes or when he seems to be some where else.He's not with you mentally so he's somewhere else.I didn't have any fight in me Sunday because I would have told her to let him go.If he really wanted to be there he would have.No matter how big the argument.He would have stuck it out.Maybe I am wrong.But sometimes you have to let people leave.It hurts like hell when they do but at the end of the you will see that you are so much better without them.I know that it can be hard to let people go but it is a part of life.We sometimes get rid of the people that we need to keep around and keep the ones we need to let go.I hate letting people go but I have learned that when you keep them around longer than they need to be other parts of your life start to get screwed up.Maybe she got what I was saying.I hope that she got what I was saying.If he says he doesn't want to be there than guess what he doesn't want to be there.So just let him go and move on.I know that it is easier said than done.I know.I checked on her earlier today and got no response.I hope that she took some time to think what she wants.Will she really be happy with him around?So I have taken some time to think about it and this is my thought.Not that it really matters lol.I understand that you love him and maybe he loves you to.But take some time to really think what would make you happy.Does he cause you more heart ache than joy?Every relationship has it problems but if my heart ache out weights the joy than I can't stay in this relationship.Crying myself to sleep isn't an option for me.Been there and done that.So friend take some you time and figure it out.
Peace and Love!!!

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