Sunday, December 6, 2009

Peace Protection Punishment

Yesterday I watched a documentary on the genocide in Africa.3 Point with Tracy McGrady.I think it is a must see.The people there only asked for three things.Peace Protection and Punishment.Peace so that they can go back home.Protection from those causing harm.Punishment for those taking innocent lives.The things we take for granted they would love to have.But this really got me to thinking.The everyday things that we take for granted would be a luxury to them.We never have enough.Our children here don't even want to go to school.If you were to ask a high school aged child today to tell you something about the genocide could they.Mostly likely not but they could tell you the lyrics to Jay-Z's new song.Very sad but true.A lot of adults don't know anything about the genocide in Africa.My heart goes out to the survivors because we can never feel what they felt.I don't like the word refugees.So the next time you go to complain about not having what you want think about those that don't have anything.We have a roof over our head.Clothes on our backs and food in our stomach.It may not be what we want but it is better than nothing at all.Be thankful for every little thing that you have.Teach your kids to be thankful for the things that they get.Teach them to be grateful for you their parents.If they see us be grateful then maybe they will follow our lead.But what can we do to help the people of Africa? I plan to look into that because they need all of the help they can get.Every little bit helps.Now I need to change gears for a minute.Last night I went out to dinner with Matt.I thought it was to late for kids to be out but I guess not.When did children become so disrespectful?I know that I have written about this before but last night was crazy. Parents please teach your kids to be respectful to others.Young ladies it is not cute to curse like a sailor period.Young men calling young ladies out of their names is not acceptable.I know some them knew better but the others need someone to teach them.Being loud does not get the kind of attention that you want.If you want that kind of negative attention then you have a long way to go.We have to do better cause our people are in serious trouble.
Peace and Love!

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