Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Real Friends

I have a very small group of real friends.I have known them for the last 10 years.A few I have known for longer.We are all at different stages in our life right now.Some are becoming parents.Beginning relationships.Ending relationships.Some are stuck in relationships.A few are coming to terms with their identity.So we don't get to talk or see each other often now.Our nightly talks turned into weekly talks.Eventually they turned into monthly talks.But now they are when ever I have time talks.We all have very separate lives.But they are still my friends.They are still important people in my life.I am writing this because I had a conversation the other night and it kinda bothered me a little.Well it bothered me a lot.This year coming up we will all be 25and 26 years old.Each one of us has something going on.Be it school, a job, kids or whatever it is you have in your life to keep you going every day.So no we don't have time to do the things we use to do.It does gets frustrating sometimes when you don't have time for the people that use to be such a big part of your life.We may miss some important events in each others life but don't just write me off as your friend.Don't say something that you might regret later.Yes we have disagreements but we always seem to work it out.We talk it out and get over it.So before you lose a good friend watch what you say and do.You may lose the one friend that really gets you.
Peace and Love

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