Thursday, January 14, 2010

I posted a blog the other day that I shouldn't have posted at the moment.Maybe I will erase it.But I will talk about what happened.I was upset and I let my emotions get the best of me.Side note: I think it is time for a name change for Matt.Let's call him Eric for now.Yes Eric and I did have an argument.But that is not unusual for us.No he didn't disrespect me the way I may have made it seem.When you argue sometimes you say things that you may not mean.We both said things that were out of line and shouldn't have been said to the other person.So I do apologized to him for the things that I said to him.But I still have questions.Where do we draw the line in this crazy relationship that we continue to have with one another?How long are we going to play this game we have mastered?Today I read another blog about being in love with the wrong person.Could I actually be in love with the wrong person?Could we actually hurt each other more than we intend to?I know that our list of cons are longer than our list of pros will ever be but I stick around with the hope that maybe one day it will all turn around.Maybe one day we will go back to the I can't get enough of you days.The days were all I needed to hear was your voice and I was ok days.The sleeping on your chest and waking up to you days.But we don't have days like that anymore.Even in our so called friendship we have more bad days than good.Over the next few days I am going to take some time to think about this and figure out what I am going to do.Take some of my own advice for once in my life.
Peace and Love!

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