Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I want to dance in the rain.I don't really know why but it seems like it would be fun.Play in the ocean.Walk on the beach at midnight and hold hands with the love of my life.I want to cook the perfect meal for my family.Hold them in my arms and not let them go.Cherish every moment with them.Say I love you until it starts to annoy them.Drive a mustage because they go fast.Not have a care in the world for one day.Laugh until my stomach hurts.Walk in mud because it feels funny on my feet.Have a food fight with my friends.Just lay on the floor and look up at the ceiling.Get lost in my thoughts about nothing.I want to make up some wild story about how I met my husband(When I get married lol).How he chased me for months.Stood outside my window and sung my favorite songs until I fell asleep at night.I wish I had a pen that could write on the nights sky.Every night I would write a new story.I want to have a baby with big brown eyes that looks like me but has the personality of it's father.I want to knit scrafs for those that don't have one.Dance for hours for no reason at all.Wear my pajamas everywhere for a week.I would change them every day lol.Jump from a plane.Whisper to my friends like I am telling them a secret.But it would be nothing.Lay my head on my mothers lap like a kid so that I can feel safe.Make someone serious laugh.Write a song.Play the guitar.None of this makes sense but just take a moment to dream with me.Take a moment out of your day to just day dream.Not long but a minute.A moment that will put a smile on your face.Something that will make you laught to yourself.Sometime you have to dream to keep from crying.So I dare you to dream for just a little while.No one has to know what you are doing.But dream a dream that only you can dream.Peace and Love!

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