Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Music Junkie

I have a thing for giving people names that I can remember them for.That way I will never forget what to call you.So I have this friend that I call the Music Junkie.We are a odd team.We usually don't agree on much but the one thing we always agree on is music.The other day he came over for tea and have a good heart to heart about what is new in our life.I'll give you a little background on him.If I had to use one word to describe him it would be unique.He is the guy that seem uncomfortable in his own skin but really has more confidence than anyone you've ever met.He is careful and lives everyday like it is his last.Plus we sometimes exchange recipes.I got the tea made and he took out the muffins he had got.We talked a minute and that's when he asked me a question.When was the last time you felt free?I could not give him a straight answer because I did not remember.I stumbled over the answer I gave and asked him the same question.He did not have to think about his answer or come up with one.He said I feel free every time I wake up because I have no idea what my next move is going to be.One other thing about him is that he is a full time artist so his hours are different from ours.I have heard him say that he has got out of his bed at 3 am to sit on his back porch for fresh air.After our conversation ended he gave me a piece of paper.He does this often.So I waited until he left to read it.Sometimes it is a saying that he has come up with or a quote that he really liked.But what it is said was simple.Take a little time to relax your mind and enjoy the things around you.Take a little time to feel your own love and bask in it like the sun.Fall in love with something simple today.Write your dreams and hopes across the sky with the clouds.Drown yourself in art and watch what happens.Magic!To my favorite flower child.I must admit that I teared up a little after reading this.I never knew he looked at me like a flower child.But I do dance to the beat of my own drummer.So today I say take some time to be with you and enjoy the flowers on your journey to where ever it may be.
Peace and Love!

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