Monday, January 25, 2010

Random thoughts

*Yesterday I spent some much needed time with my family to celebrate my aunts birthday.We had a really good time but it was a few things that stuck out to me.We don't do that enough.Sometimes we go months in between seeing each other and that is not a good look.We always find time for other people and things but not enough time for family.I do love my family and yes we do have our issues so we should make time for each other.I always say that I am going to make more time for my loved ones but I really don't.But it was nice to see the family and feel the unconditional love for each other.
*I have been minding my own business this past week.But I have to say something about this.I have written on trust before.Let me tell you the story.Friday evening I was talking to guy friend of mine.He was telling me about his relationship and that he was seeing someone on the side.I am not surprised that he said that but why stay with someone you don't want to be with.I didn't say anything cause I know how he is.He will go into this rant about how she has hurt him and all that he does for her.But that still doesn't make it right.I would rather you leave me than cheat on me.Maybe that is just my opinion.Don't be an ass to her because you feel like you can.
*Over the weekend I talked to my favorite the Music Junkie.We really didn't talk about anything serious this time.It was a conversation about nothing.Very random and funny.It was the first time in a long time that I relaxed and just laughed.I needed that.I didn't think about my answers.I just said whatever came to my mind.I like those type of conversations.I need to have more of them.At the end of the conversation he gave one of his sayings.Fall in love with the moon and make love to the stars.Get lost in the sky and play in the clouds for a little while.I liked that.Then he went in to something else and he lost me lol.Sometimes he goes off into his own world.I can totally understand that part of him cause sometimes I go off into my own world.
Peace and love!

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