Wednesday, February 24, 2010

**Earlier today I was having a conversation and it quickly turned to race. I hate these type of conversations because it just leads to an argument. But I wanted to get my point across.I am one of those people that grew up with different races of people.So I never paid it any attention. Yes I knew they looked different but it didn't bother me.All I knew is that I was having fun and nothing else mattered.But that is beside the point.Well the conversation started after I was asked about a article talking about black women dating men of other races.I did not have to think about my answer at all. I said if it makes her happy then go for it. Do what makes you happy. Well the person I was talking to did not like that answer. She goes on to say that it is wrong and that we as black women should date and marry black men.WOW!I was ready to go head to head with her now. Why should we only date black men?Who said that we have to only date black men? That is crazy. Date whoever you want. As long as that person respects you and treats you like you should be treated. They can be purple for all I care. I am not saying anything against our brothers but some of you need to step your game up.If you have ever seen a black women with someone that is not black comments are made.People stare like they have never seen it before.Comments are made like stay black sista.That is not called for.You don't know those two peoples story.But respect a persons choice to be with who makes them happy.Happy or love is not about the color of a persons skin.It is something so much bigger than that.I got tired of going back and forth after a few minutes so I told her you date who want.I hope that you find it and not miss out on something good.
Peace and Love!

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