Thursday, February 4, 2010


We all have them.We carry them with us every where we go.Sometimes we tuck them away in secrets places and forget about them.But sometimes we look them in the face everyday.Our secrets are apart of who we are.The other night I was talking to some friends and a comment was made that silenced the whole room.Someone told another persons secret.How do you come back from that? How do you say I am sorry for sharing something you said you wouldn't tell?I can not imagine being that person.I can not imagine having my most personal secret shared.Who are we tell other peoples most private moments?Who are we to throw stones at your glass house when ours is cracked?I have my secret and I feel it with to me everyday.I wake, work and sleep with it daily.Sometimes I feel like I am going to burst open if I don't say anything.But then I say that everyone doesn't need to know.This morning I woke up with my secret feeling like today was the day it would no longer be a secret.I have those moments sometimes when things are going good.But it's best I leave it the way it is.Think about what you say before you say it sometimes.How would you feel if your secrets were put out there for the world to know?To be judged for them by someone who has done something far more worst than you have.We should never judge a person for what they have done or been through.We don't know their story.So the next time you have the urge to tell another persons secret think about your own.How would you feel if it was your secret told?I love my secret more than I thought I ever could but is it for the world to know?Maybe one day I will tell what it is.But until then I will be reminded of it every morning when I wake up.
Peace and Love!

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