Monday, March 29, 2010

He Use To Give Me Butterflies

Do you remember the first time you met that person that gave you butterflies? You got lost in their eyes when they talked.Held their hand while you watch t.v. Just knowing that person was in the room with you was all you needed.I remember the first time I met him.Over the weekend I was looking for something and found a poem that he wrote me.It bought back some good memories.Carefree moments in life that I sometime wish I could relive with him over and over. But after a few minutes of living in the past I folded the piece of paper back up and put it away in my box.This morning while I was getting dressed for work my phone rung and guess who it was.It was him.After a few seconds of looking at the phone I answered.The conversation went like this in the beginning.
Him:T,how are you?
Me:Good.Who is this?
Even thought I knew who he was the whole time.
Him:Don't act like you don't know who I am.It's been a long time since we talked.
Me:It has been a long time but who's fault is that.
Maybe I shouldn't have started out with an attitude but that was me putting my guard up.The first couple of minutes were awkward and quiet.I didn't know what to say.But after a few minutes I remember why we worked so well.It all falls into place so easy.The conversation flowed like we had never stopped talking.At one time we fit together like pieces to a puzzle.We could finish each others' sentences.Most of the time when we were together we didn't talk.We just lived in the moment while we were together.Our conversations have been about everything from religion to socks.Weird I know but yes we had a conversation about our favorite socks.We finally got around to the reason he called this morning.During our relationship we spent 99% of it was spent on the phone.When we were together we often went off into our own little world.A world where we talked about the next steps we were going to take in our life together.But life took over and ended up going our separate ways.Our last conversation wasn't one of our best.With everything going on in our life we lost each other somewhere in the middle and forgot the most important thing.We forgot about our friendship.Maybe this our chance to be friends again.We were different from my other relationships.I always say I want to fall in love under the stars.That was always the one thing we had in common.No matter where he was we could always find each other in the stars.Today we agreed on one thing.Never let anything come between our friendship.
Peace and Love!

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