Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now I am not one to put my family issues out for all to know.But I feel like I do need to say something about this.Everyone that really knows me know that last summer my sister and I had a disagreement that turned into something way bigger than I could have imagined.Long story short our relationship has not been the same.I have apologized to her for anything that may have been taken the wrong way.I won't give all the details of what happened but I will say that another person is involved.This person would be her boyfriend.Over the weekend I found out that they have decided to get married. I knew that he wanted to ask her but I had no idea he had actually asked.Other family members got text messages and phone calls to spend the news.But I received neither.Facebook friends wrote how happy they were to hear the news.I still have not received a call, text message or email with the news.Maybe I am reading too much into this but my feelings were hurt.No matter what happened between us we are still sisters.We are still family.You may not like what happened but I would still react the way I did.I can put up with a lot of things but disrespect is not one of those things.I have no idea if she will let me know but at this point I am starting to not care.I wish that we had the relationship we had this time last year.Am I being to sensitive about the whole thing?Maybe I should just get over it and move on from the whole thing.
Peace and Love!

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