Thursday, March 25, 2010

**Over the last couple of weeks I have taken some much needed time to think about some things that are going on in my life right now.I know that I have been known to give my opinion on things and say what I think is right.But for once I am going to take my own advice.I am letting go.Letting go of all the bad habits that are stopping me from doing all the things that I want to do.Stop second guessing myself and just do it.Relax a little and stop being so uptight about things.Yes I can admit that I can be uptight about things.Letting go of people.I can not make anyone do or be who I want them to be.We often hold on to people that mean us no good.I know that I have held on to one person that means me no good.It is not worth the stress and the worrying of what is going to happen next.So I am letting him go.It was a hard decision to make but I did it.Things have been so much better since he has been gone.I am happy with every decision that I have made in the last couple of weeks.I love this feeling of being free and not worrying about other things.
**Yesterday I was talking to one of my friends and all they they could do was complain about what they don't have.It really rubbed me the wrong way.Be thankful for what you have.Be thankful that you have life.Some people didn't get to see their next birthday.You have a place to stay and food to eat.On the mornings that I go to Starbucks I pass a homeless women.You could be that homeless person tomorrow if you aren't careful.Sometimes we complain but take a minute to look at the things you do have.Be thankful!
Peace and Love!

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