Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Your Business

The other day a friend made a comment to me that kinda rubbed me the wrong way.I am not going to say what the comment was but it really made me take a step back and think for a minute.I think sometimes we make comments to each other with out thinking about the other persons feelings.Yes I am guilty of this as well but I have got better with it.Like I always say you never know what a person is going through on the inside.You never know how a person will take what you say.Yes I am guilty of wearing my heart on my sleeve with a certain person.Do we have the relationship that people would expect me to have? No we don't but it is ours.No one has to understand what we are and what do because it is ours.Those are our moments that we choose to spend the way we want.Is he always right? No he is not but that is apart if who he is.I am not wrong for feeling the way I feel.I would think at this point in our life we wouldn't be so damn judgemental of others.Especially of our friends.We are always so busy worrying about other people and their relationships that we forget to look at our own.Most of the time while we are judging our own relationship is falling to pieces.We sometimes forget that our friends and family will not date who we would like them to date.I made the decision a long time ago to not discuss my relationship with anyone except the person I am in a relationship with.I don't regret anything that has happened or will happen in the future.Everything we go through together is ours.Our moments and our twisted relationship.
Peace and Love!

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