Friday, May 28, 2010

My Family/My God

So last night I was talking to this guy on the phone.We have had some interesting conversations up until this point.Some kind if way we got on the topic of family and then religion.Those that know me know that I don't discuss religion because everyone has their own belief.He asked what I had been up to after work.I replied working on my family tree.This is where our conversation took a turn for the worse.Now I try to be nice to people and respect their opinion on things but I can also be a smart ass when it is something I don't agree with at all.He says why would you want to work on a family tree.I mean they are all dead anyway so it shouldn't interest you.At first I was really shocked he could say something so ignorant.Well it was ignorant in my opinion.He really hit a nerve with me on this.I knew it was something about him that just irked me and I was finding out a lot about him as a person.This dude really thought I was going to agree with him and say you are right.Some people may not be interested in learning their family history but I am very interested in finding out.I tried to say it in a nice way but I am very sure it came out in a totally different way.I told him how can you say these people have nothing to do with you?If it weren't for them then you wouldn't be sitting here talking crazy to me.They had a lot to do with you.Family is a big thing to me.No we may not always agree with each other or like each other all the time but they are family.I have issues with a family member right now but if she called I would be right there for her.We are always there for each other.Then he goes from bad to worst.He asked what I was doing Sunday morning cause he wanted to hang out.Number one I don't know why he thought I would want to hang out after I just went off on him.I told him going to church.He said he doesn't go to church and asked why I go.Really dude?In my book you just signed your walking papers.Most Sunday mornings I am in church.I go to church for my own personal reasons.Yes I believe in God.I go to church and participate with my group on a regular basis.You sir may not believe in anything but I do.At the end of the conversation he still didn't get it.My family and my God are two very important parts of my life.No one can in between those relationships.I told him that I didn't think we could go any further in our friendship because those are two things that will always be apart of my life.Some people may say you could give him another chance but he said he was not going to change the way he felt about it.So why even try to continue something with this person knowing that this is what he believes.Tell me what you think.
#Random:This has nothing to do with what I wrote about.The music I am listening to right now has a disco feeling to it.It makes me feel like I should be dancing on top of a table with hot pants and gogo boots on.
*I am trying to get the Chocolate Puma to write a joint blog with his twin but he is not responding.So let's see if this gets his attention.
Peace and Love!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Must Praise!

I listen to this song every morning when I get to work.I love what the song says.No matter what is going on in your life we must take some time to give praise for everything that we do have.It is someone somewhere going through something much worst than you are.Be thankful for the life that you have.When you are complaining stop and think about how blessed you really are.Praise him for everything that you are.
Peace and Love!

Who Takes Responsibility?

Aiyana Stanley Jones is a name that you should have heard this past week in the news.The seven year old girl that was killed by the Detroit Police Department.They were looking for a murder suspect and thought they had the right apartment.But they were wrong.The police supposedly threw a flash grenade through the living room window and shoots followed.The little girl sleeping on the couch with her grandmother was killed.In the news they have told several different stories as to what happened but the only thing that really matters is that a baby lost her life because the police jumped the gun.The person they were looking for was in the upstairs apartment.How could a mistake like this happen?I know that police officers have to protect themselves but at what point does it become to much.You threw a flash grenade into a home in the early morning hours.Most states don't use flash grenades without permission from the police chief.How do you not know which apartment your suspect is in?What will you say to this little girls family?When did shooting first and asking later become apart of the procedure.I am not a police officer but I am pretty sure that is not right.No this didn't happen in Chicago but it could have.It could have been someone that you knew in this situation.A heart breaking situation.I would like to know when police officers are going to start taking responsibility for these type of incidents.They hide behind a badge and get off scott free for taking someones life.We have watched similar stories play out in the news before and we watched the officers walk away.Yes mistakes and accidents do happen but in the last couple years we have seen this happen over and over again.The thing that really gets me about the police in these situations is their cockiness.You have no reason to be cocky.You took an innocent persons life.I should not be able to sit here and name off innocent people that have been killed or hurt by police shooting.But I can.Sean Bell was shoot in New York as he left his bachelor party.Another case where the police thought he had a "weapon".It has even come out that one of the officers had been drinking.They gave a simple explanation.When undercover they are allowed to drink while working.Are you serious?How can use a fire arm under the influence?YOU CAN'T!But all the officers involved never faced charges.Robbie Tolan was shoot while he laid on the ground during a traffic stop.The officers thought he had stolen the car he was driving.It turned out that it was his parents car and he was on his way home.He wasn't killed but his life will never be the same.Jonathan Pinkerton was killed in this great city of Chicago by the CPD.Witnesses say that after he was on the ground shoot one of the officers kicked him.They never found what they thought he had.These are all not cases of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.They need to find a new way of handling these situations because it is crystal clear that the shoot first and ask later policy is not working.Does it take a seven year old losing her life in order for something to be done?I hope that is not the case.We need to hold these officers responsible for their actions.I heard a lady say that we have to be afraid of the thugs on the street and of the police.We are living in a sad world when you start to hear comments like that.Pray for the family of Aiyana Stanley Jones.Pray for all the families that know what this family is going through.
Peace and Love!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*Yesterday I was having this really interesting conversation with one of my closet friends.We decided to take two totally different paths in life.But we still have a lot to talk about.We talk about everything together.No judgement.Most of the time we only talk about things once.We talk about them and leave it there.It is good to have that one person you can talk to about anything.I may not be able to count on her for anything else but she is always there when I need to talk.People have said to me why are you two still friends.But we have been friends for so long that I don't know what it's like to not have her around.We don't live in the same place but that has never stopped our friendship.She's my sister in a lot of ways.Sometime I complain about her and the things she does but that is just who she is.Can't help but love!
*The other day I had lunch with the Music Junkie.I so love this dude because he is so comfortable in his skin.For him to be a guy I learn so much about myself from him.He is the only person I know that really keeps it real.If he has something to say he says it and doesn't really care what people think.He always says be who you are and tell the world screw themselves of they don't like it.So I guess I am going to be saying screw you to the world more often.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Something Wrong With You???

Today while I was talking to a friend she decided to ask me a million questions about my personal life.I answered what I wanted to and just said I am not going to answer the others.But it was a couple that really stuck out to me.You don't have a serious relationship and no kids.What is wrong with you?This question has always irked the hell out of me.Just because I choose to not be in this super serious relationship and have a house full of babies doesn't mean it is something wrong with me.It is something clearly wrong with you for thinking that.Yes I am at the age in life where most people start to think about those things.Don't get me wrong I do think about them.But it is not all I think about.I think about where do I want to go next.What is something new I can try?People seem to think that since I am not in a relationship I am this lonely person.I am not.I do all the things I want whenever I get ready.Being in a relationship doesn't define who I am as a person.I like being in relationships but I also like being single as well.Sometimes you have to take some time to yourself to truly be happy with you.A moment to breath without worrying what the other person is going to say or think.I like to call those my fresh air moments.One day yes I would like to fall in love and have everything that comes along with it.But to say what is wrong with you like I have a disease or something is just wrong.When did not having kids at 26 become the worst thing in the world to some people?If I had a child right now no doubt in my mind I would give that little person all the love I had and more.If I found out I was having a baby right now I would be overjoyed.But not having one does not make me different.Most of my friends don't have kids.Everyone makes decisions about what they want to do.I made the decision to be single and I am happy that I made that choice.I made the decision not to have kids right now.You should never say to a person that something is wrong with them just because they don't have what you think is right.It goes back to us judging other people and what they are doing.You don't know my situation.We have a thing for judging others on what we think they should have.We have to think before we speak to others.I simply said it is nothing wrong with me.I am happy right now so why would something be wrong with me.


I was born in a place that not many people have heard of.It is a place I go when I need to get away from the city.A place where they take me for who I am.A place that relaxes me from all that is going in the outside world.It is a world in it's self.If you have ever been there than you would understand what I mean.But it's home.Going to church with my grandma or her sitting under the car port making ice cream.My Papa standing in the yard smoking.Riding my bike around in circles because I didn't have anything else to do.Playing on the swing set in Millie's yard and making up some kind of club with Brian and Georgia.Our clubs never lasted more than a week at the most.Laying on the track and looking up at the sky.Playing kickball and it ending in a argument.Friday night football games.Anybody that knows anything about the south knows that football is the highlight of our week.Everyone is at the game and everything closes for the game.No it may not have all the things a city has.It may not be a lot to do.Some of the people may get on your nerves but that happens every where.This place is home to me.I have more aunts and uncles than I can count.More cousins than I know what to do with.Yet most of us aren't related my blood.We are all connected because of this place.Every now and than I find myself missing it like crazy.Someone once said to me you still go back to that country place.I would never keep going back to that place.I was offended because you have never been there and that place is my home.Yes I go back because I have family there.Never judge a place until you have experienced it.It is country but hell I am country sometimes lol.But I simply told him that place is home to me.Why even try to answer a ignorant question.Home is Enterprise,Mississippi.A place that will always hold a special place in my heart.
Peace and Love!