Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is Something Wrong With You???

Today while I was talking to a friend she decided to ask me a million questions about my personal life.I answered what I wanted to and just said I am not going to answer the others.But it was a couple that really stuck out to me.You don't have a serious relationship and no kids.What is wrong with you?This question has always irked the hell out of me.Just because I choose to not be in this super serious relationship and have a house full of babies doesn't mean it is something wrong with me.It is something clearly wrong with you for thinking that.Yes I am at the age in life where most people start to think about those things.Don't get me wrong I do think about them.But it is not all I think about.I think about where do I want to go next.What is something new I can try?People seem to think that since I am not in a relationship I am this lonely person.I am not.I do all the things I want whenever I get ready.Being in a relationship doesn't define who I am as a person.I like being in relationships but I also like being single as well.Sometimes you have to take some time to yourself to truly be happy with you.A moment to breath without worrying what the other person is going to say or think.I like to call those my fresh air moments.One day yes I would like to fall in love and have everything that comes along with it.But to say what is wrong with you like I have a disease or something is just wrong.When did not having kids at 26 become the worst thing in the world to some people?If I had a child right now no doubt in my mind I would give that little person all the love I had and more.If I found out I was having a baby right now I would be overjoyed.But not having one does not make me different.Most of my friends don't have kids.Everyone makes decisions about what they want to do.I made the decision to be single and I am happy that I made that choice.I made the decision not to have kids right now.You should never say to a person that something is wrong with them just because they don't have what you think is right.It goes back to us judging other people and what they are doing.You don't know my situation.We have a thing for judging others on what we think they should have.We have to think before we speak to others.I simply said it is nothing wrong with me.I am happy right now so why would something be wrong with me.

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