Friday, May 28, 2010

My Family/My God

So last night I was talking to this guy on the phone.We have had some interesting conversations up until this point.Some kind if way we got on the topic of family and then religion.Those that know me know that I don't discuss religion because everyone has their own belief.He asked what I had been up to after work.I replied working on my family tree.This is where our conversation took a turn for the worse.Now I try to be nice to people and respect their opinion on things but I can also be a smart ass when it is something I don't agree with at all.He says why would you want to work on a family tree.I mean they are all dead anyway so it shouldn't interest you.At first I was really shocked he could say something so ignorant.Well it was ignorant in my opinion.He really hit a nerve with me on this.I knew it was something about him that just irked me and I was finding out a lot about him as a person.This dude really thought I was going to agree with him and say you are right.Some people may not be interested in learning their family history but I am very interested in finding out.I tried to say it in a nice way but I am very sure it came out in a totally different way.I told him how can you say these people have nothing to do with you?If it weren't for them then you wouldn't be sitting here talking crazy to me.They had a lot to do with you.Family is a big thing to me.No we may not always agree with each other or like each other all the time but they are family.I have issues with a family member right now but if she called I would be right there for her.We are always there for each other.Then he goes from bad to worst.He asked what I was doing Sunday morning cause he wanted to hang out.Number one I don't know why he thought I would want to hang out after I just went off on him.I told him going to church.He said he doesn't go to church and asked why I go.Really dude?In my book you just signed your walking papers.Most Sunday mornings I am in church.I go to church for my own personal reasons.Yes I believe in God.I go to church and participate with my group on a regular basis.You sir may not believe in anything but I do.At the end of the conversation he still didn't get it.My family and my God are two very important parts of my life.No one can in between those relationships.I told him that I didn't think we could go any further in our friendship because those are two things that will always be apart of my life.Some people may say you could give him another chance but he said he was not going to change the way he felt about it.So why even try to continue something with this person knowing that this is what he believes.Tell me what you think.
#Random:This has nothing to do with what I wrote about.The music I am listening to right now has a disco feeling to it.It makes me feel like I should be dancing on top of a table with hot pants and gogo boots on.
*I am trying to get the Chocolate Puma to write a joint blog with his twin but he is not responding.So let's see if this gets his attention.
Peace and Love!

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