Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Natural

Two summers ago I made the decision to start wearing my hair natural.It was a little harder than I expected so I relaxed my hair.But after thinking about it I decided to give it another try.It has been eight months since I last relaxed my hair.It is not as hard I thought.Yes I have my moments when I think to myself I should get a relaxer.It doesn't happen as often as it use to.When I first started this journey I used every product I thought would help me keep this hair under some type of control.Now that I have figured out what works I don't have as many problems.It has taken some time to get use to but I love it.I still go and let Tamron blow dry it straight but not as often as I use to.Now that I have more natural hair than relaxed I am able to try more natural styles.Once I hit the one year mark I am going to cut all the remaining relaxed.I was asked one day I would I ever want to wear my natural hair.I told her because I think natural hair is beautiful and I wanted to stop putting so many chemicals in my hair.She said I understand why you would want to stop using so many chemicals but natural hair is not beautiful.I was so curious as to why she felt this way.Her explanation was that it looked unprofessional for a work setting and it looked nasty.Now I have worked with women who have natural hair and most of the time it looks better than the relaxed hair.Yes I have seen natural hair that wasn't very well kept but you can not say all natural hair looks nasty.Now I am full debate mode.I was so surprised that this lady would say something like that.But now that I think about it I am not surprised at all.The very next day I had my hair twisted.She just looked but I knew that she wanted to say something so bad.Finally she asked what made me get my hair twisted.A part of it was because I wanted to prove a point.Natural hair is not nasty.It is beautiful in it's own way.But I think it is a problem when a lot of our black women don't like the look if their own hair.They look at you like you are crazy when you say you natural or going natural.We are all not meant to have silky straight hair down our backs.We would all look the same if we did.I think you should embrace that part of who you are.I think we put relaxers in our little girls hair way to early.If I am to ever have a daughter of my own I plan to wait until she is old enough to make that decision on her own.Teach our little girls to love that part of themselves.Maybe this is just me but I feel really librated about going natural.It is something that I had to grow to love about myself.I know that people are still going to feel the way they feel but don't look at me different because I made the best decision for me.Beauty comes in so many different forms and looks.Natural hair works for me and some my friends.
Peace and Love!

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