Monday, November 1, 2010

I Give A Damn.Do You?

I hate to see someone mistreated.I hate to see someone treated differently because they are not what we like for them to be.I hate when some is judged by others.I have always been a person that takes a person for who they are.Over the weekend I got very upset over some comments made about a friend of mine.All of my friends are different and unique in their own way.That is what I respect the most.I like being around people who are comfortable in their own skin.People who aren't afraid to be themselves.But sometimes we get caught up in what we want them to be.I learned a long time ago that it is best if we just let people be who they are.I support them in all decisions that they make.Recently some comments were made about a friend and the choices they made for themselves.I have to admit that I was a little uncomfortable when these comments were made.I sat there thinking to myself how this person could say such a thing about some one else.How dare you shun a person because they aren't what you are?Or better yet how can spread stories about someone that is not true?I would like to think that by now we would be more open to people and their lifestyle choice.How would you feel if someone told you could not have a child because you are gay?What if they said you can not get married because you are gay?I think that anyone who wants to experience parenthood and marriage should have the opportunity to experience it.What does calling someone out of their name prove?It proves that you are a very small minded person.It proves that it is still hatred out there.I was asked why I was taking part anything like that because I am not gay or bi-sexual.I take part because I have family and friends who deal with harassment every day and it is not fair.I don't know what it is like to deal with that kind of harassment every day and it hurts my heart to see them hurt.So yes I will continue to support everything with LGBT community.Every person deserves to be treated with respect.What really gets me is why are you so upset about another persons sexual orientation?Did it hit a nerve with you? I recently joined the Give A Damn Campaign.Lots of good information to pass along to Check it out later.
Peace and Love


  1. Wow. That was a very passionate post to say the least. I don't necessarily agree with the whole homosexual lifestyle, but they shouldn't be the victims of hate crimes or harassment either.

  2. Just seeing your comment.It does touch a nerve with me when people disrespect another person like that.These are good people that don't deserve to be treated like that.