Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have been watching Def Poetry Jam since I came home from the dentist today.So I figured I would post my top five favorite pieces.Choosing five was a little harder than I thought but I finally narrowed it down.

#5:Bassey Ikpi I Want to Kiss You

#4:Preach Cotton

#3:Daniel Beaty Knock Knock

#2:Amir Sulaiman Danger

#1:Sunni Patterson We Made It

Peace and Love!
The last couple of weeks I have been meaning to post something here.But life has been happening and I have not had the time to post anything.I don't really have anything to say but I want to say cherish your family.Take time to visit with them and say I love you.You never know what is going to happen and they may not be here.A couple weeks my family got some news that we were not expecting.Every night I pray to god and ask him to bless my Aunt with strength so that she can fight this.Maybe it is a little selfish of me to ask for that.But I pray through the hard moments.I pray that I can sit through one more visit and not burst into tears.I pray that you know you are loved.Just take some time to slow down and say I love you.Appreciate them while you have the chance.

Love and Peace!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maybe One Day

I have been meaning to post this for the last week but my mind has been somewhere else to say the least.I have written about this one before so this is going to be my last time saying anything about this.Recently someone that I know announced that she was pregnant.Well she didn't actually announce it.But that is not the point.We were talking the other day and she asked when was I going to have a baby.Most people have stopped asking this question because I hate being asked about something so personal.So I did what I always do and said I don't know.Why do people think it is any of their business to ask others when they are going to reproduce?I think making the decision to have children is a very personal one between a man and woman.But what if I couldn't have children.You never know why a person may not have a little one of their own.Do I want a child of my own one day? Yes I do.But I do not want to rush into parenthood.This is also a very sensitive subject with me as well.When I was younger I use to say I didn't want to have any kids because I didn't want to gain weight and I was selfish.All of that really changed when the twins came home from the hospital.They were so tiny and perfect to me.I loved them more than I thought I could love a niece or nephew.Then one day I was faced with the possibility that I may not have the option to have kids.Now my doctor never came out and said that but it was all in what she didn't say.I never said a word to anyone but I was nervous.So before you start to question someone about why they haven't done something, stop and think.You never know the reason why they haven't.Maybe they just aren't ready to take that step in life or they might not be able to.
Peace and Love!