Friday, February 4, 2011

We Need to Talk

Last weekend I took the time to watch a documentary called We Need to Talk.10 black women were asked to tell their story.But throughout the documentary they were asking random women who was their first love and did it last.At first I wondered what is the point of this but it all came together at the end.These 10 women talked about how relationship choices they made as young women impacted their live has an adult.They talked about everything from abusive relationships, rape, sex and abortion. While watching I saw myself in one a few of the women.I think that we all would see our self in some of these women.Growing up we want to be grown so bad that we don't realized the decisions we are making will have a big impact on our life later.I decided to write this because I know a young lady that is making decisions now that will effect the rest of her life.All that matters is she's in love and no one can stop it.Let's be honest with ourselves for a minute.How many of us actually end up with our first love? Not many.I am not saying that you give up on it but I am saying don't let that become your world. Don't change your life plans. Keep planning to go away to school and to travel.It really got me to thinking about the choices I have made in my life so far.Some have not been the best.Others have been great.I realize how careless I was being at one time.I just didn't care.I never really gave my mom a hard time.While I was in high school I wasn't having sex or going out with a lot of different guys.I was really in my own little world back then.I didn't have my first real love until I was grown.Let's just say that I sometimes I wish I could take it all back and start over.I could have easily been one of the women in that documentary.Yeah we had a good time together but at the end of it all it was a toxic relationship.Certain parts of my life started to fall apart.I was becoming so wrapped up in what he wanted that I lost a piece of myself.Yes it took me a while to figure it out but when I got away it was like the weight had been lifted off my shoulders.I want to tell her be careful.Slow done because if it is meant to be than he will be right there waiting.If he can't understand that you have a life away from him than maybe he is not the one for you.You don't have to broadcast your relationship to the world because that is when people put themselves in your relationship.Never disrespect your parents for anyone because without them you wouldn't have t he life you have now.Finally don't rush into sex.Yeah I know you think you are grown but you are not ready to deal with the emotions that come after.Wait for it because sometimes the results will last you a lifetime.One ladies stuck out to me.I think this is something a lot of I think I am grown teenagers need to see.When you are grown you have to handle your problem like a grown person would.You can't run home for mom and dad to fix the problem.I know that we all have to make mistakes but some we can prevent from happening.Listen to the people around and their story because it might help.
Peace and Love!