Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Making A Connection

The last couple of months have been a test for me.Back in February I lost a really close friend and then in March I lose one of my aunts.While I know they were both sick I would also like to have them here with me.It has never been a time when I could get them or call just to see how they were. This has had me thinking a lot about my family and the relationships that I have with them. It really got me to thinking about the relationship I have with my siblings. When I say siblings I am not talking about my two older sister and twin brother.I am talking about the siblings I have from my father. Last year I reached out to my older brother and we have been getting to know each other.I know some people feel like I should just leave it alone and go ahead with my life. Yes I have lived my life with out having any relationship with them but that was not our decision. My father made decisions that were not good us or himself. We have had to deal with the fact that the choices my father made has had an effect on all of us.We were not given the option to know each other.Now I feel like we have can make that decision for ourselves.In my mind I would love for us to be one big happy family but I don't think that is going to happen. Reality is we may never have a close relationship with each other. I have learned that we have a lot of things in common. I have more nieces and nephews to get to know and love. One day I hope that all of my siblings will be able to be in one place as a family.
Peace and Love

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