Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Black Woman

This week alone I have seen several articles and a few video clips on why black women are not married. Then I saw the article where ABC I believe is going to make a show based off of Terri McMillan's manifesto or what ever it about why Black women are single. I see people everyday talking about the Black woman being single and why most will never marry.But just a few minutes ago I was reading a blog and this guy said Black women can not be as open about their sexuality as White women. Hold the hell up. Pump your brakes. Let me turn my music off so I can give this all my attention. Now I know nothing about the person that wrote that but it is clear that he has some issues that he needs to work out. A Black woman has just as much right to open with her sexuality as a White woman. I am so over all this talk about what we need to do to get a man and why we are single. For those that want to date inter racially than go right a head but most of us make the choice not to. I prefer to be in a relationship with a Black man. So that should not stop me from being in a relationship. I don't want advice from any of the people handing out advice like it is candy. I know Black women who are not open with their sexuality and that is their choice. But for those that make the choice to be open should not be called every name in the book. As a Black woman I must saw that we have other issues that need to be looked at before we spend all our time worried about some jerk talking crazy. I got a little side tracked. It is so many other things we need to be talking about. We don't need hour long specials on CNN or other news networks to talk about this. Worry about the kids that are being bullied and killing themselves. Worry about the people living on the streets. Worry about getting the soldiers back home safe. This topic of the Black woman is not a issue. They make it seem like it something wrong with us damn. I can't even deal with this today because it makes me upset. Why do we have to be compared to women of other races all the time? We are all different. Live different lifestyles. Get over it cause we have.
Peace and Love!

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