Thursday, October 20, 2011

Janks Morton

I am a big fan of documentaries.So I spend a lot of my free time finding new and interesting ones to watch.Earlier this year I heard about a documentary on Twitter called We Need to Talk by Janks Morton.It was late so I thought I would watch it.Changed my life.This was one of the best documentaries I had seen in a while.In this documentary he interviewed a group of women.Younger and older women.But each story was one that someone my age or younger could relate to.I think all women should watch this documentary.It really made me think about some the things I have done and how it has had a impact on my life.

I am waiting for his new documentary.He is talking to young girls about growing up without their father and how that has shaped their life.I can relate to these young ladies because I grew up with out my father as well.

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