Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just a Moment

Every year on this date I always get this uneasy feeling.Like something is going to happen beyond my control.On this day 16 years ago I lost two very important people in my life.It is not often that I talk about it to people because sometimes I get this you should be over it response from people.But do you ever get over something so traumatic.I think we learn to live with it but no we never really get over things like that.We just go on with our normal everyday life and try not to think about those things.Well at least that is what I did.I learned to busy my mind.No one will never understand what that was like for us.A lot of people were hurt that day.I have no idea how anyone feels on this day but my heart aches.I wrote about this once before.I said that my friend never got the chance to live a full life.She never got to experience high school, college, a real boyfriend or to travel the world.All the things she wanted to do we take for granted everyday.We take the little things for granted.We rush through life so fast sometimes that we miss out on the little things.Sometime we should just slow down and take in the moment.Just stop and breathe.Life is not meant to be run through so fast that you miss the little moments.This day also reminds me to tell the people in my life that love them.I know that it doesn't come out often.But I love them more than words could ever describe.Take time out of your day to say I love you or just a simple a hug to those around you.It also takes me back to those carefree days when the world was a innocent place to me.I know that it was nothing I could do to change what happen.So I live everyday for the both of us.I do the things that we had planned to do together.I say all of this to say don't take life for granted.Don't think the people in your life will always be there when you want to them to be.Cherish every moment with them.Stop and smell the flowers sometime.Don't over look the little moments in life.It is those little moments that make things worth while.Love you all!!!!

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