Friday, October 21, 2011

Some of This Some of That

*This week has been a little crazy.Crazy weather here in Chicago.My thoughts have been all over the place.So theses are my random thoughts.

*I have been going back and forth with the idea of working on a new project.So I decided to write down all the ideas I wanted to put into this one things but that won't be happening.It is extremely too much to go into one thing.So it will be broken up into two maybe three different things.Now I have to figure out how this is going to work and where am I going to start.I need to get this thing organized as soon as possible.That is my goal for the weekend.I am going to push through my laziness and get it done.

*While my minds runs a thousand miles a minute I also came up with another idea.This one I am going to keep to myself.It is a huge undertaking but I am up for the challenge.Right now I am in the process of doing all my research.But I am so excited about it.Will update later:)

*Yesterday I wrote a blog about the 14 year old video taped with the young man.Wait a minute that was day before yesterday.This morning I got a article about it this morning.When I say I got pissed the hell off I can't even explain it in words.I had to take a minute to calm down.But that is not the point of what I am about to say.I am so tired of these grown people sitting up on their high horse looking down passing judgement on this little girl.Key word is little girl. I would like to know who died and made you God because that memo didn't make it to my desk.No body is saying that she shouldn't take responsibility for what she did.But at the same time the little boys that put it on the Internet need to be held responsible for what they did.Child please, people kill me looking down on someone else when they have done worse.That is enough of my rant on that.

*This getting to know my favorite guy all over again has been fun.I really like this feeling.He makes me smile everyday.

*Today I got an email from one of my favorite poets.I almost passed out but I was at work so I had to pull it together.I didn't expect to hear back from her but I was wrong.Still on top of the world about that.

*The other day I posted the trailer for a new documentary coming out soon.This morning someone commented on the link and it really confused me at first.I was having a moment lol.But anyway I couldn't disagree more.Basically she said that we shouldn't put the father's on blast because it won't make them be men and we always have our heavenly father.True we do have our heavenly father with us all the time and he gives direction when we need it.But I do think deadbeat fathers need to watch this documentary so they can see how it hurts the daughters.It shows the long term effects it has on these girls.Maybe because I grew up without my father I can relate to how they feel.We need more earthly fathers to be involved with their kids.That is all I have to say about that.
Peace and Love!!!!

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