Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Last week I saw an article on Global Grind about 10 year old Jasmine McClain. For those of you who have not heard or read about the story I will give a quick update.Jasmine McClain hung herself in her bedroom to end the vicious bullying that she endured everyday at school.Her mother found her and tried to save her but it too late.She took her last breath in her mother's arm.I am not a mother and can never feel what she is feeling right now but my heart aches.At 10 years old you should be worried about playing outside, with your dolls and riding your bike.Not suicide.Jasmine lived in Chadbourn, North Carolina with her mother Samantha West.Everyday when she went to school she was teased and bullied.Her mother took out of school for a while and she dreaded going back.At first the police just thought they would treat this as a suicide but then someone showed him comments left on Face Book targeted at Jasmine.This is when Police Chief Steven Shaw decided to take a closer look at the bullying. When are these schools going to take bullying serious? We are hearing about too many kids killing themselves because of bullying.Most teachers and administrators turn a blind eye to it. Someone had to know this child was being bullied. Kids can be cruel to other kids for no reason and that my friend is where the parents come in. But they have found that many of the kids that are bullies have parents that bully.When a person sends their prize possession to school everyday they expect for them to be safe. They don't send them to school to picked on because they don't have clothes that another 10 year old approves of. They send them to school to learn. Yeah you hear kids will be kids but at some point you have to step in and say something.But it can't just be the teacher. The parents have to say something as well. Don't say the kid never said anything. I like to think that as a teacher you are suppose to have control of your classroom at all times. A kid being bullied to the point of a kid committing suicide is not showing much control. They need to have some real consequences for the bullies. Just a few weeks ago here in Chicago some football players were arrested for hazing a freshmen player.The students happily got on camera for the news and said what is the big problem.We have a hazing day at this school.They really need to enforce the zero tolerance rule because this is getting out of control.How many more children are going to have to committee suicide before they decide to take it serious?I have only heard of one case that they actually charged the bullies and that was the Phoebe Price case. She hung herself in her bedroom closet after being bullied at school, through text message and Facebook.No child should be afraid to go to school because of bullying.It breaks my heart to know that when my friends and I children this is something we are going to have to worry about.I pray that something is done to stop this.Don't say my child won't do this because you don't know what your child will do.Teach your child to respect other children.Bullying is never ok.So let's find a way to stop it and keep all our children safe.
Peace and Love!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lately I have noticed that many people aren't to happy about the decision I made to be a part of a long distance relationship. I really don't see how this has anything to do with anyone else but let's just roll with it for now.I have heard some crazy things the last couple of weeks.Here are just a few:

"Are you sure you want to do this cause it is crazy?"
"I didn't realized how stupid you were for believing that something like this can work"
"You know he's cheating on you right?"
"How can you really call it a relationship if you don't see each other everyday?"
"You can't find a man here so you are going to try the long distant thing huh?"
"Why do you want to do this to yourself cause you are going to get hurt in the long run?"
"Please just leave your options open" (I think this is my favorite so far.)

I find it very interesting that all of a sudden people are so concerned.I am really confused about this.The part that really gets me is that they bring this up on their own.I thought I had heard it all but the other night was the icing on the cake.I will give you the quick version of the story.This person I dated for a while decided to give me his opinion on my relationship.I guess that is what really got me upset.Why is this topic of discussion?I am not getting the big deal.So while I listened to this person give me all the shade he could find I thought to myself leaving you alone was the best decision I ever made.I can be by myself for the rest of my life and be happy with the fact that this person isn't around.I can understand an ex throwing shade but people who just feel like they need to say something.A long distance relationship may not work for you but it works for us.I think people should be happy for others when they are truly happy.But I guess the new thing is saying hurtful things to people for doing something different with their life.What gives you the right to judge what I am doing?Example of what I am talking about.The guy that made the comment about being stupid said I don't have a real job, I don't have a place to stay of my own, I have two kids and I am just out trying to have some fun.He said I should give him a chance because he is here.So apparently I look desperate because I would have to be to go into a relationship knowing you have nothing to offer.It is so much wrong with that situation right there.Being with someone just because they are here is the wrong reason to go in to a relationship with that person.I think it is sad when people don't respect other peoples decision.I believe that everyone should do what makes them happy.This makes me happy.I may say whatever and play it off but those are some hurtful things to say someone.
I get the fact that you don't like it but let's just agree to disagree.If you do what is best for you, trust me I will do the same for myself.
Peace and Love!