Friday, December 30, 2011

Part of my 2011

Well we have made it through another year.It seems like this year flew by us quickly.While this year defiantly had it's good times it also came along with a few not so good time.But we made it through in one piece.For the new year I wish everyone new adventures and happy times.Now on to the good stuff.

*Everyone knows I am a huge music buff.Some would say music whore but that is not the point.This year was a good year in music for me.Now it was no where near 1995 but it came in a distant second maybe even third.But it was a good year in music for me.Here are just a few of my favorites from this year.
Raphael Saadiq:Good Man
Love his music and love is something about him that is oh so sexy but this about the music.

*Jill Scott featuring Paul Wall: So Gone
All I have to say is Jill Scott.I can listen to her albums from beginning to end with no problems.But this one right here is one of my favorites from her.

*J.Cole:Lost Ones
I love his whole cd but it was this song.Evey time I listen to this song I get a little emotional.Don't ask me why because I have never been in this situation.

*Beyonce:Schoolin Life
Now this song right here is my ish.I have dropped my pie crust dancing to this song.It is had this 80s feel to it.All I know is that this song makes you want to sing and dance every time it comes on.

*Now on to something else.I am a big fan of the show Beyond Scared Straight.This has been my favorite part of the show this year.This whole segment was hilarious to me.I know that it was not suppose to be funny but hell it was.

Well that is all I have for now.I am sure I will post something else before the end if the year.Maybe something a little more serious.I am going to leave you with one last video.Most people might be surprised that this is one of my favorite songs.So let's end this post with a classic from T-Pain Booty Wurk.

Peace and Love!

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