Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Favorite Artist

I don't listen to what art critics say. I don't know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.
Jean Michel Basquiat

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Back in October I finally finished a project that I had been working on forever. Well it seemed like forever. While working on the research I realized that I needed to deal with some of these issues myself. I wanted to put something together for teenage girls dealing with self esteem and body image. When I first started I only focused on the two but the more I research the more questions I had. What causes poor self esteem and body image? What effects does this have on ones life? These things got me to thinking about myself.So I took some time to look at my myself and figure some things out. While some things were a little harder to talk about I worked my way through it.It made me take some time to think about my life and the direction it is taking. I took time to look at some the choices I have made for myself. I would change a few things but so far I am happy with every choice I have made for myself.I am in a happy place right now.I am happy with every part of me. It was a long road to get here but I am here. Learning to live with yourself and enjoy your own company is a great thing. How can you enjoy the company of someone else if you don't enjoy the company of yourself? Learn to bask in your own glory.Have those fresh breath moments with yourself.I know that working on some issues may be harder to do for others but it something that you have to do eventually.Taking the time to work on me was one of the best things I could have done for myself.
Peace and Love :)