Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Black Woman

This week alone I have seen several articles and a few video clips on why black women are not married. Then I saw the article where ABC I believe is going to make a show based off of Terri McMillan's manifesto or what ever it about why Black women are single. I see people everyday talking about the Black woman being single and why most will never marry.But just a few minutes ago I was reading a blog and this guy said Black women can not be as open about their sexuality as White women. Hold the hell up. Pump your brakes. Let me turn my music off so I can give this all my attention. Now I know nothing about the person that wrote that but it is clear that he has some issues that he needs to work out. A Black woman has just as much right to open with her sexuality as a White woman. I am so over all this talk about what we need to do to get a man and why we are single. For those that want to date inter racially than go right a head but most of us make the choice not to. I prefer to be in a relationship with a Black man. So that should not stop me from being in a relationship. I don't want advice from any of the people handing out advice like it is candy. I know Black women who are not open with their sexuality and that is their choice. But for those that make the choice to be open should not be called every name in the book. As a Black woman I must saw that we have other issues that need to be looked at before we spend all our time worried about some jerk talking crazy. I got a little side tracked. It is so many other things we need to be talking about. We don't need hour long specials on CNN or other news networks to talk about this. Worry about the kids that are being bullied and killing themselves. Worry about the people living on the streets. Worry about getting the soldiers back home safe. This topic of the Black woman is not a issue. They make it seem like it something wrong with us damn. I can't even deal with this today because it makes me upset. Why do we have to be compared to women of other races all the time? We are all different. Live different lifestyles. Get over it cause we have.
Peace and Love!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Some of This Some of That

*This week has been a little crazy.Crazy weather here in Chicago.My thoughts have been all over the place.So theses are my random thoughts.

*I have been going back and forth with the idea of working on a new project.So I decided to write down all the ideas I wanted to put into this one things but that won't be happening.It is extremely too much to go into one thing.So it will be broken up into two maybe three different things.Now I have to figure out how this is going to work and where am I going to start.I need to get this thing organized as soon as possible.That is my goal for the weekend.I am going to push through my laziness and get it done.

*While my minds runs a thousand miles a minute I also came up with another idea.This one I am going to keep to myself.It is a huge undertaking but I am up for the challenge.Right now I am in the process of doing all my research.But I am so excited about it.Will update later:)

*Yesterday I wrote a blog about the 14 year old video taped with the young man.Wait a minute that was day before yesterday.This morning I got a article about it this morning.When I say I got pissed the hell off I can't even explain it in words.I had to take a minute to calm down.But that is not the point of what I am about to say.I am so tired of these grown people sitting up on their high horse looking down passing judgement on this little girl.Key word is little girl. I would like to know who died and made you God because that memo didn't make it to my desk.No body is saying that she shouldn't take responsibility for what she did.But at the same time the little boys that put it on the Internet need to be held responsible for what they did.Child please, people kill me looking down on someone else when they have done worse.That is enough of my rant on that.

*This getting to know my favorite guy all over again has been fun.I really like this feeling.He makes me smile everyday.

*Today I got an email from one of my favorite poets.I almost passed out but I was at work so I had to pull it together.I didn't expect to hear back from her but I was wrong.Still on top of the world about that.

*The other day I posted the trailer for a new documentary coming out soon.This morning someone commented on the link and it really confused me at first.I was having a moment lol.But anyway I couldn't disagree more.Basically she said that we shouldn't put the father's on blast because it won't make them be men and we always have our heavenly father.True we do have our heavenly father with us all the time and he gives direction when we need it.But I do think deadbeat fathers need to watch this documentary so they can see how it hurts the daughters.It shows the long term effects it has on these girls.Maybe because I grew up without my father I can relate to how they feel.We need more earthly fathers to be involved with their kids.That is all I have to say about that.
Peace and Love!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Janks Morton

I am a big fan of documentaries.So I spend a lot of my free time finding new and interesting ones to watch.Earlier this year I heard about a documentary on Twitter called We Need to Talk by Janks Morton.It was late so I thought I would watch it.Changed my life.This was one of the best documentaries I had seen in a while.In this documentary he interviewed a group of women.Younger and older women.But each story was one that someone my age or younger could relate to.I think all women should watch this documentary.It really made me think about some the things I have done and how it has had a impact on my life.

I am waiting for his new documentary.He is talking to young girls about growing up without their father and how that has shaped their life.I can relate to these young ladies because I grew up with out my father as well.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It Could Have Been You

I told myself I wasn't going to write about this but I keep hearing about it so here I am.Sometimes between Sunday night and Monday morning a sex tape hit the world of twitter.I won't mention the young girls name but I will give you some details of what happened.A 14 year old girl was video taped performing oral sex on a teenage boy outside.It is so many things I can say about this situation.It later came out that this young lady did not know that she was being taped.Automatically people started to talk about this little girl and call her everything but a child of God.That was my first problem with the whole situation.The people making these comments were grown.Men talking about how good she was at it and women called her a whore.First of all why is a grown person watching a sex tape of a 14 year old girl.I hope that the police arrest every person that watched that tape.It is called child pornography.Secondly the little boys in this situation.This girl was not the only one there.She only played a part in this.They need to be held responsible for what they did just like she does.Don't let them off the hook because they are boys.Boys have to be held responsible for these type of situations as well.Make the young lady feel like crap and praise the young man.Not right.Everyone wants to place the blame on someone.Let's start by saying that yes she should be responsible for what she did.No she shouldn't have been doing what she did.You are 14 years and it is no need to rush into any type of sexual relationship.Instead of people talking about her they should have been giving here advice and telling her that it would be ok.Instead you have grown women bullying a child.That is the problem I see in our community.The black community.We are so quick to judge the other person be it a child or another adult.Take about what the other person is doing and why it so wrong.Someone said that she has to be her own role model.Now to me that doesn't make much sense.What does a 14 year know about life?No matter how hard of a life they have had they still need someone to give them guidance.No one knows what her life is like at home and what she has been through.Then it went into her role models and why she shouldn't look up to celebrities.We live in a over sexed world,where people become famous for having a sex tape.It is all put out there for our kids to see.So what do we really expect when things like this happens.She made a mistake for a little boy that she liked.A mistake that she didn't know would end up on the Internet for perverts to look at.Who are we to sit here and judge her and her family?She could come from a good family.It is a lot of things that we don't know about this story.When you are young you do stupid things that later you look back and say I shouldn't have done.At some point in our life we do something stupid for someone we really like or love.Some the people doing the judging have done something worse than what she has done.Stop dogging her out and help her.Show her the right way to go.Give her advice on how to get over this.It is clear that she needs help.It is sad that she has to learn this lesson at such a young age but when this is all over she will have learned a valuable lesson.I just hope that she surrounds herself with positive people that will help her through this.This is what I am talking about when I say we need to do more things to help our children.I plan to do something that help some young girl out there not make the same mistake.Just leave her alone because it could have been you in this situation.
Peace and Love!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just a Moment

Every year on this date I always get this uneasy feeling.Like something is going to happen beyond my control.On this day 16 years ago I lost two very important people in my life.It is not often that I talk about it to people because sometimes I get this you should be over it response from people.But do you ever get over something so traumatic.I think we learn to live with it but no we never really get over things like that.We just go on with our normal everyday life and try not to think about those things.Well at least that is what I did.I learned to busy my mind.No one will never understand what that was like for us.A lot of people were hurt that day.I have no idea how anyone feels on this day but my heart aches.I wrote about this once before.I said that my friend never got the chance to live a full life.She never got to experience high school, college, a real boyfriend or to travel the world.All the things she wanted to do we take for granted everyday.We take the little things for granted.We rush through life so fast sometimes that we miss out on the little things.Sometime we should just slow down and take in the moment.Just stop and breathe.Life is not meant to be run through so fast that you miss the little moments.This day also reminds me to tell the people in my life that love them.I know that it doesn't come out often.But I love them more than words could ever describe.Take time out of your day to say I love you or just a simple a hug to those around you.It also takes me back to those carefree days when the world was a innocent place to me.I know that it was nothing I could do to change what happen.So I live everyday for the both of us.I do the things that we had planned to do together.I say all of this to say don't take life for granted.Don't think the people in your life will always be there when you want to them to be.Cherish every moment with them.Stop and smell the flowers sometime.Don't over look the little moments in life.It is those little moments that make things worth while.Love you all!!!!