Friday, January 13, 2012

I Don't Need An Apology

Last night I decided to sleep with my phone on silence for some reason.I never do that because I am nervous that someone will call with an emergency.So this morning I got up and check my phone like I do every morning and noticed a new voice mail message.

"I was in your neighborhood and thought I would check in on you.Oh yeah sorry for everything I did to you."

Well damn that is some kind of apology. Yeah that was the message left by THE EX.Now let's keep in mind I have not had any type of communication with him.Erased his number from my phone last year in April. It is no need for us to have any type of communication at this point. I have moved on and well I hope that he has to. But that very voice mail got me to thinking about everything that happened and a half ass apology left on my voice mail would never be enough.The thing that really got under my skin is why you felt like you had to say anything to me at all.Just don't apologize to me at all if that is the way you are going to do it.I know him well enough to know that it did not come from a good place. It was a after thought in his attempt to see what I was doing. During our whole relationship I was always THAT GIRL to him. You the girl that is always right there when things went wrong.THAT GIRL that always had his back.THAT GIRL that put up with all his bs because one day it is going to get better with him.Hahaha that joke was on me.Don't try to be nice to me now cause it doesn't even matter anymore. He once said you acting real brand new with me now that you have a new man in your life and that's cool cause we don't rock like that anymore. You are so right about that.I don't rock with selfish people anymore.I don't need that in my space. he says or does just rolls off my back.So keep your half ass apology and erase my number from your phone because you have no reason to call me anymore.I don't need your apologies because they hold no value in my life.They really did.

Peace and Love!

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