Friday, January 20, 2012

Simple Kind of Love

I always said that I wanted to fall in love under the stars.So when our children asks about our love story I can tell them to look to the stars.Our love will be written across the nights sky under the moon.But for me love has always been simple.Smooth.Quiet.Easy.
It has always been the simple moments.Those simple little gestures that most people often don't even notice.Those little moments that we sometimes take for granted.Like when our fingers are interlocked together like puzzle pieces.A laugh.How our conversation can go on for hours without being forced.A simple word.Beautiful.Or when you have a bad day and lay your head in my lap.Whenever I am scared all I have to do is find that one spot on your chest to lay my head and I know that everything is going to be ok.That moment every morning when you sit on the side of the bed and I sit next you just to lay my head over on your shoulder.Summer nights when we lay in bed with the window open and read a book together.Those are the simple moments that let's me know that our love is strong.Those are the moments that I want our love to be built on.Those are the moments that I want to share with my children one day when they ask about our love story.I will tell them that our love started under the stars.That no matter where in the world we were we could always find each other in the stars.The moon was our guide.Simple.Smooth.Quiet.Easy.We had a simple kind of love.

Peace and Love!

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