Monday, March 5, 2012

This Again

A few months ago I posted this trailer for the documentary Dear Daddy by Janks Morton on my Facebook page. Not soon after I posted this trailer I got a comment from someone.Basically she said that this documentary is putting dead beat dads on blast and that is not right.Well I commented with my response and left it at that.This morning I check my my FB and who do I have a message from but this girl still talking about this trailer I posed back in October or November.Where do I even start on this matter. So it is very obvious that a nerve was hit here. Maybe she wants to just a good ole debate. I have no clue why she keeps talking about this.When I posted the trailer for this documentary I had no intentions of putting dead beat fathers on blast. All this documentary does is show is how a fathers decisions effect his daughter.It is something that I think dead beat fathers should see. Now I am not going to say we should make them watch it because you know that you have a child in this world.This documentary is not enough to put them on blast. One day they have to pay for their decision to not be apart of their child's life. So no dear this documentary is not putting these men on blast because they don't deserve the attention it takes to put someone on blast.Hopefully we are done with conversation because it is nothing I can do to make a man want to take care of his children.
Love and Peace!