Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Little Jelly Bean

I am five(almost six)months into my pregnancy with Mackenzie.Every day has been a new experience.I will admit that being pregnant is not what I expected.I have no clue what I thought it would be but I would not change it for the world.Now that I am getting ready to enter my sixth month I am starting to seriously prepare for her arrival.Making my list of things to do.What do we need to buy?Finish the baby shower guest list.Cleaning out the apartment to make room for her things.What do I need to put into my birth plan?What kind of birth will I have?Natural birth or will I get a epidural?So many other things on my list to get done.All of these things and I still have to fit in time away with the Proud Papa in September when he gets home.At the end of all of the baby plans I have to start thinking about our wedding plans for next year.So my life the next two years will be hectic as ever.But like I said before I wouldn't change it for the world because I am happy.The joy I have in my heart can not be described with words. The love I have for this little girl is more than I ever expected it to be.This journey we are about to go on will be filled with new experiences and new adventure that I am looking forward to.But while all this is going on I haven't really thought about what I am going to teach her about life.What are some things I want Mackenzie to know?I had a chance to really think about the other night while she kicked away (She's most active at night). I want Mackenzie to know that the world is at her feet.She just has to take advantage of what it has to offer.You can do and be anything that you put your mind to but you have to take advantage of all the opportunities offered.Sometimes you have to make your own way and fight for what you want.It might not be a easy fight but in the end results will feel so much better.Let no one tell you that you can't do something.Work much harder and prove them wrong.Be comfortable in your own skin.You are beautiful inside and out.Never change who you are for anyone.Take people for who they are when they show you.Everyone is not your friend but when you find a real one cherish that friendship.Treat people the way you want to be treated.It is so much that I want her to know about this world and the people in it.I have a lifetime to teach her these things.One thing is for sure though Mackenzie will be loved.She will come home to a home filled with love.A mommy and a daddy that is working hard to give her the best life we can.Aunts and Uncles that will spoil her.Grandparents that can not wait to meet her and a family that supports her.I think that whatever we miss out on teaching her a family member will pick up the pieces.I can not wait to meet my little Jelly Bean! Love and Peace!